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The Marion County Growth Services Department (Planning Division) is now accepting applications for small- and large-scale land use changes, or amendments, to the Marion County Comprehensive Plan 2035 on a monthly basis. Previously, applications were only accepted during limited application cycles throughout the year, per Florida statutes.

Owners interested in changing their land's designated use, such as going from rural to commercial use, are eligible to apply for a small- or large-scale amendment. Small-scale amendment applications may be submitted for land 10 acres or less in size. Large-scale amendment applications may be submitted for any number of acres.

The amendment applications may be picked up at the department (2710 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala) or downloaded here beginning July 2, 2012. Required public hearings associated with the amendment requests will be scheduled as soon as possible and on an as-needed basis upon receipt of completed eligible applications.

Growth Services hosts amendment application cycles as part of its activities to keep the county's comprehensive plan up to date. This plan is Marion County's key guide for growth management and provides the framework for how the county will continue to develop. For more information about amendments to the comprehensive plan, contact Michael Kokosky, Senior Planner, at 352-438-2600.

Comprehensive plan amendment application form