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Road Improvements

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All properties which can benefit from the proposed road and drainage improvements - including any parcels outside of the subdivision that front the proposed road and benefit from the improvements, or whose only access is over the road(s) proposed for improvement - can be assessed. Pre-existing circumstances may prohibit the assessment of certain properties, so each new MSTU project requires research time by county staff to ensure all legal and code requirements are met.

 Subdivision  Petitions  Citizen's Meeting Final Public Hearing 
Road Improvement Area Mailed Due Results  Date  Date
Harvest Meadows - Street  Lighting  4/21/16 06/10/16  Failed - 56.6%    
 Shady Hills Estates; SW 33rd Terr  09/23/16  11/28/16 Passed - 60.0%    
 Fore Acres First Addition  10/12/16  12/06/16 Failed - 34.3%    
 Big Ridge Acres  10/14/16  12/14/16 Passed - 55.1%    
 Bahia Oaks Unit No. 3 AKA West Wind Trails  12/19/16  02/17/17 Failed -  70%    
Belleview Heights Estates Unit No. 17 - SE 149th Lane  02/03/17  04/04/17 Failed - 70.6%    

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